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Modern Satanism as practiced by The Satanic Temple has roots in a rich history extending much farther back than Anton LaVey and his The Satanic Bible. The other informational pages on this site and on the national TST site only scratch the surface.

Before continuing, you might find it helpful to review our About Satanism pages of this site if you haven’t already done so.


Toward A New Satanic Ethos

Author Benjamin T. Awesome has written a truly excellent book that elaborates on the seven Tenets of The Satanic Temple and the general ethos that are informed by these seven tenets. This book is not an official TST work, but is well worth the read to any one who really wants to understand Satanism as it is practiced by TST members. Currently the book is available only in “Kindle” format from Amazon.

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UAoS philosophical texts

The United Aspects of Satan is a completely separate organization from The Satanic Temple, but the UAoS principles are extremely similar to and compatible with those of TST. There are many excellent philosophical essays on the UAoS web site that can yield insights to understanding TST-style Satanism as well.

​Visit the United Aspects of Satan site


Lucien Greaves’ library of recommended books

You should know by now that Lucien Greaves is one of the founders of The Satanic Temple. He maintains a list of recommended books on subjects pertinent to modern Satanism as practiced by TST.

​Visit the Library list in the Lucien Greaves Archives


Sect of the Horned God

The Sect of the Horned God is another completely separate organization from The Satanic Temple. They are broadly compatible with TST principles to a degree, but they do lean a little more “orthodox” than TST, and are definitely not focused on activism, but instead on philosophy, self-improvement, and education. Regardless, of the differences, they have many public essays that are worth exploring. And if you become a member, their educational material is extensive and good.

Visit the Sect of the Horned God site