Update: Austin moved to stage 4, that means even fully vaccinated people should wear a mask in public gatherings outside and inside. We therefore ask you to wear a mask at the event.

ATTENTION: Due to COVID-19 we will ask for proof of vaccination. If you cannot prove that you have been fully vaccinated you will be asked to leave.

You’re invited to join us for our new social on July 25 at 6 PM at the Picnic Shelter within the Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. Our social is an excellent opportunity to learn about who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. If you’re interested in learning more about TST Austin, this is your opportunity! This event is happening in a public park, so please feel free to bring your kids and dogs. It’s also BYOB and since we’re in Texas bring plenty of water. We will set up a tip jar at our checking table. It would be nice, if you could chip in a little bit, to cover our costs.

July 25th is also Unveiling day, the anniversary of the unveiling of the Baphomet Monument; an historic moment demarcating the beginning of a new Satanic Era. For this day, everyone who’s interested can buy a bird house for $9 and make it satany with our amazing crafts team.

Here is the link to our Facebook event: Facebook